Rob Sharkey (RS): And welcome again the Shark Farmer radio and I am your host Rob Sharkey. I am in the studio just outside Bradford, Illinois. 

Hey, the sun is shining that’s a good thing. 

RS: It’s right what I want to talk about today is what you are doing Tomorrow. 

Oh yeah, so Tomorrow we are doing well what’s always been called the race for the cure. So, my mom and Anida a daughter, we always do race for the cure together but this year I guess there morphine what’s called more than a thing called pink walk, but yeah so, we do this every year tradition to fight breast cancer because my grandma had breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer but she founded early that she is breast cancer free now because of early detection and I have had like oh gosh four cousins who had breast cancer and so, it really is in our family. So, we always are good about getting mammograms and keep an eye on things but we do walk like this but fund research to basically live in the world someday where we are breast cancer-free.

RS: It was not too long ago that it was almost defense… I mean you are talking like the last forty years


RS: That was almost a defense when someone had breast cancer but now. They have come leaps an bounds with it.

Oh yeah, they have had people, they really really wanted it to have a mammogram every year. So, you can have early detection cause if you catch it early as my mom did. It’s so much better than fighting you know stage 3, stage 4.

RS: yeah going through the whole regimen so, yeah. How far are you gonna walk around the riginer?

Well, yeah we also took out the time to defense, I like my half marathons but this is not the half marathon event. So, it’s a walk. So, it’s a family so my dad is gonna do, which is really cool. So, yeah we are walking like a 5k. So, it’s more about the oh gosh it’s thousands of people so cool when you get up on the top of the hill and you look back. It’s 5 or 10 thousand people walk and with everybody dressed in pink and different colors. It’s so cool.

RS: Is it done this day across the country or they are scattered out.

I think they will scatter them, it’s been a sujin ji common event for youth and so, yes they are all over they are quite cities and all kinds of you know different states.

RS: verical I know you look forward to every year.


RS: So, let’s get our guest today, Have I been nervous today to our guest.

A little bit. Let’s say more excited than nervous. 

RS: Ok, Viren D’souza

Viren D’souza (VDS): Thanks for having me on.

RS: You know, I met you on social media years ago. I still have in my mind Vi-ren I called you Vi-ren forever, it’s still to this day when you learn how to say someone’s name when you mind wrong, it’s hard to break that habit so almost maybe need like a Sharka or something.

Viren D’souza: Well, the first one I don’t think you will be the last one. My question to you is to is I might be able to check with to get right.

RS: Ah… Just a few… Haha. Are you in the United States right now?

VFD: Yeah, I am I am currently in Columbus, Nebraska.

RS: Ok, cause you are from up there in Ontario, correct?

VFD: yeah, I live in Peterborough… Ontario.

RS: No one knows that stuff, we know about that you can just say I am from Canada, people will be happy with that.

VFD: So, I didn’t know where Nebraska was either.

RS: What you are doing in Nebraska?

VFD: So, I am here for Orkel Compactors, I have a customer down here in Columbus Nebraska who bought one and I am helping to get started one here, there is some merchant thing like that. So, I have been here since Monday kind of teaching.

RS: Ok, yeah I wanna get into the baled storage later because that’s something that honestly you are the only one that I know that is doing all that but let’s get into who you are now you are from Canada. So, tell me was this baled storage was this always the plan what you will do when are grown up?

VFD: Well, no it was not. I like most people of my generation. I didn’t know I was gonna do this when I got the high school I probably changed my mind about three times. And I am probably like fourth-generation right now. Yeah, I came up with this, I didn’t come up with this luckily for getting something different that was not even in the marketplace and I found Compactor Orkel and I started retailing and servicing.

RS: Ok, alright so, was it high school, when you started this?

VFD: No, didn’t go to high school, I actually went to college for TV broadcasting, like not in front of the camera stuff. All of behind the camera stuff. That’s why I went to college for the first go-round and that was what quite planned out for me. So, I am traveling for a little bit, came back and worked on a few firms. Then went back to school to the electrical technician program.

RS: Awesome, Ok. We are gonna talk more about this more about baled storage After the break Viren D’souza, I am so proud I can say that right we will be back with Viren, right after the break.

After Break…

RS: Now, when you race Tomorrow, do you have like the whole numbers and everything on your back?

Yeah! We have got numbers on our back and we ride all of the family members who have fought breast cancer.

RS: I like you talking more, I had a comment the other day some that listen to the broadcast for the first time because they are listening to the radio show and they said they have disappointment may be because you are on the air.

Haha, Aww… that’s sweet.

RS: Today we are talking about Viren D’souza from up there in Canada but he is on holiday, I guess this is how they say it up there you are in Nebraska, how you have founded Nebraska Viren?

VFD: Oh, it interesting the midwest, I don’t know if this is considered midwest or not.

RS: It is… I am guessing it’s a midwest, I am sure the people in Nebraska call themselves the west now there is a midwest. There is no temp hose 

VFD: There’s definitely no temp hose and so I am stopping at there are certain restaurants that we don’t have especially the Mexican food trucks.

RS: Oh the food in Mexican in Nebraska I didn’t know it was a thing, 

VFD: The lady started talking to me in Spanish and I replied back in English so assumed she is a Mexican

RS: I saw you hit the runza out there, that was a big road to, we have never been to a runza before.

VFD: I only went to runza because you mentioned that, it was the biggest disappointment to the entire trip I tell you.

RS: Ah… Okay I mean I am not gonna argue with that it’s fine as a fast-food its fine I yes the people in Nebraska seem to talk that up so much I gotta say I was expecting more. But, when I went there they made every single thing on the menu and they made it one of advanced coming so everything was kind of cool so maybe it’s better than I thought. Your vote is disappointing Ah?

VFD: No, only there were only 3 runzas on the menu, the rest was burgers and you know like chicken fingers I don’t like chicken fingers and burgers only getting runza in Nebraska so, if you are gonna feed runza here in Nebraska its better be the best runza out there. There are only runzas in Nebraska.

RS: There’s no protein on the runza menu?

VFD: That’s definitely was not a runza food protein.

RS: You probably better off with. Alright so we talking about you and we are going into the TV career and luckily it’s behind the cameras because of well self-explanatory stuff and I gotta say you are throwing on me a little bit because I would have guaranteed to any to anybody that. You are gonna be mean to me but there you are you just be common stuff.

VFD: I guess the impression is wrong. You are ticking time when it’s gonna go off.

RS: Yes, exactly! And I would have expected to go off before now. So, this is like the worst thing you could have done. So, let’s go back to your baled storage. Tell me what that is because that’s gonna be a new concept to a lot of people.

VFD: Yeah, there are a few in the US right now and the menu up in China, it’s basically stationary a brown baler you can imagine the most basic terms and you are feeding both materials into it and it’s dealing it compacting it and baling it into a round bales, wrapped and plastic kind of like joined Marshall field. So, this is sort of allows you to bale both materials like corn flange or shavings or garbage you wanted to do and then bale it for easy storage and transport around because now you are transporting both materials in bales on flatbeds that has much as walking for. That’s a lot of benefits, that’s the primary ones.

RS: How much it actually compacts that stuff, I mean are you getting a lot more on a truck than if you just like fill the trailer with wood shavings?

VFD: yeah, if you think the bigger water flows that you see around that are probably 150 yards, probably 46 bales if you do 2 rolls, 24 on the bottom and 22 on top. And then on shavings probably put 4 yards to the bale. That’s a 2 half of one compaction it’s probably around 160 yards in bales this is not 150 yards in the walking floor so, right away you are putting more material on a cheaper truck to send it and that’s where you start doing the savings.

RS: I am just thinking about the stuff you can bale. You can try baling up cottage cheese.

VFD: I haven’t but you know who would like to purchase a bale but I would be more than happy to sell cottage cheese.

RS: I am just trying to think of the things you could ship easier I mean you think about how hard is it to ship a cottage cheese around the country if you can bale stuff like and you just kind of compact it. May be how, Man! You know you should write it down and look at that business model.

VFD: You know what Rob, I am starting a list specifically important. I just keep a running way of Rob suggestions, you will just see running ways and you know just feel free to call me. Cottage cheese it’s number 1, Rob.

RS: Ok, you found some videos on social media and out there this thing. This is low tech thing this baler look like it’s like state of the art.

VFD: It doesn’t really look complicated but coming from a background where I used to fix working robots this is actually kind of simple when I look at this maybe 25 sentences on it. Whereas this is a robot which is four times as many this is really that complicated I mean it’s not one complicated process its freely simple thing happening in a sequence you just know the sequence and the more time you put on the machine the more familiar you get on it. And be able to dial into four hired robots I mean here guys in China that don’t even have education how do most people will be fine.

RS: But this is something you can take bale with hay is it?

VFD: mm…, You could bale hay if you grab it up but the problem with that is relatively speaking it is a low-value commodity and there is a lot of regular hay balers out there you know regular hay balers probably 30 different plans selling hay bales but there are not many that will bale cottage cheese.

RS: it’s not cottage cheese

VFD: Yeah

RS: That’s right

VFD: I gotta get my lips open, cottage cheese.

RS: Demoli and I gotta think over the break different stuff if you can bale, we will be back with Viren D’souza right after the break.

RS: Yeah, we didn’t come up with a whole lot of suggestions pudding, with that maybe you can bale pudding.

Demoli: Ah, I could brief that was not my idea, I didn’t say pudding by the way.

RS: You were asking about the garbage

Demoli: I was asking about the garbage, is that economical way to send garbage or is that another way those things just not what’s doing.

RS: Is it Viren?

VFD: It, I think it depends where you are. In North America, it’s really cheap to bale a whole lot of garbage down in there. You go to places like Europe and they are running out of land space places like the UK I think in the last year in 2025 so they have to deal with it somehow, So they are processing it and shipping it away for heal I think there was a baler at the town and Greenland and it was a remote location and they are shipping garbage to bale and markers something like that burning into that.

RS: yeah, even in Illinois and come in Chicago that is always a thing is the trucking cars because you don’t have to have a specific truck for and yeah, I don’t know the whole concept this is kind of curious when you think about it. The cost of just running a flatbed was some compressed baled garbage that will be interesting. You could be onto the next big thing. Have you thought about that?

VFD: I am sure hoping so, and I am hoping this radio show will pull me up into prosperity.

RS: No, it wouldn’t and you should be used to disappoint right because you came up with the very famous Clague at one time and then you didn’t trade market it and get stolen denature. Tell us a whole story.

VFD: That’s right. Well, you know I was dairy farming into Seguin. As you do, and I was getting really frustrating and I came up with this that say you know farming is an art of feeding for working $400 of the month to feed people that are trying to kill you or a thing that’s trying to kill them rather.

RS: It’s hilarious!

VFD: And I came up with that all by myself and it’s been stolen from me someone does steal from me you and secretary.

RS: Yeah, you held up a t-shirt on there and it was… because I have seen on a t-shirt but then you had an ultimate insult to you. Do you think that’s Canadian who did that? It was revered on your face because you had a trademark thing and he hey I am stealing your cloth revering in your face.

VFD: That’s probably what it is and more than like I am sure you told them to do it.

RS: I don’t know that man. No, it wasn’t me but anyway I wanna apologize on behalf of the US, that we stole your Clague for our entertainment. I am sorry Viren.

VFD: I don’t accept your apology but that’s what I think we… that.

RS: Haha, Ok so you let’s finish up on that baled store stuff too because you are running the baler but you also selling them right?

VFD: yeah, I do sell them right in Canada and that’s there a purchase from the company and I came down to a get it tied up. Yeah, I do sell them a lot them it still carries very much to catch it on in Canada and the US, very much product to…

RS: Ok, go ahead and tell people where they can find you maybe or sell some.

VFD: Oh, yeah there is baledstorage.com visit it and send a message it will come right to my phone no problem and you can find me on twitter you can knock up. 

RS: Thank you for telling me.

VFD: Hehe, and knock upon snap chat as well. I am not on Instagram so I don’t need an Instagram.

RS: Oh man you know you can always find a hash archit phone on Instagram. I run on in your buddies Yesterday on Instagram. He was marking and making fun of my beard at the jersey and there at the west and other friend from out west Michelle Obamas and they think that’s funny to make fun of my beard Viren I don’t think it was very funny.

VFD: Well the thing you started, I don’t know who you are referring to get goggles let’s ignore them many people make fun of your beard there are actually numerous.

RS: I guess I didn’t know that Viren, I maybe we talk afterward.

VFD: I wasn’t about to tell you that, I am sorry.

RS: You wanted to again. You are talking to the audience it doesn’t know on twitter but yeah the one you asked is you can guess… So I am gonna step aside here as long as you keep them clean, I gonna let you go, Ok?

VFD: Oh they are probably clean ok, the … is my girlfriend you know I heard that shadow.

RS: Who’s your girlfriend? Woo, Wowowoo… who’s your girlfriend?

VFD: You seem to intercept your show, host!
RS: I know it’s my damn show. Ok, alright you might continue. Hi, Natalie thank you for.. Farmer Alright continue.

VFD: Well, met darling Heather Watson from acorn30, Johns Staroff from FedEx.

RS: Never heard that before.

VFD: Ok, your favorite design person leading by design name…

RS: Ok, keep going you are doing fine could not interrupt me. Give your Shaddox. This is live radio Viren. 

VFD: it’s Rachel Bangalore.

RS: How many do you have?

VFD: These are all of my followers Rob, all of the people. Thank you for following the entire time with me and your support along the way. 

RS: Haven’t you forgotten somebody?

VFD: And the Rob Sharkey.

RS: No, that’s not. It was a joke because you know you never make list on social media you never make list and here you did you just make a list of the people you like. So, all the people that are following you now you didn’t give the shot off or think into themselves wow, he must not really like me maybe I should not follow them how should just they do Viren I suggest they do.

VFD: That’s why I had that last one, Rob, that’s the trick.

RS: No, that is not the trick alright so, tell me where you used to do the milking right you used to work on the milk machines.

VFD: Yeah!

RS: Ok, how to see the people you were working with now really suffering from the milk prices.

VFD: In the US and Canada to a certain degree it is disrupting to see having seen other, no to say other farmers work as hard but here farmers every day and the week twice a day 3 times a day and it’s tough to see people when looking at a segment of culture that… Connect into their livestock and farms as dairy farms there.

RS: Ok, I will say they work harder than grain farmers, haha

VFD: I mean, think of how many radio shows and podcasts are out there where people everyday…

RS: I know I know you must be… All that day from milking and working. Viren D’souza, Thank you for coming up on the show, you are a lot of fun on social media go find them its V-i-r-e-n you can find him easily because there are not many other people like that, next time have Starbucks by having Viren on your cup, it’s a fun game, Viren Thank you so very much ain’t everybody else, you catch us next time.