From Belgium to Brazil, Turkey to Tasmania, Orkel compactors are baling forages for a number of producers worldwide.

Baling your forage with a compactor has a significant number of benefits.  Producers across the world are seeing the benefits of taking their corn silage, high moisture corn or TMR (Total Mixed Ration) and making it a transportable commodity.

The ability to compact to a greater density, sees less spoilage and shrinkage within the bale and the ability to stack them creates a smaller footprint with a consistent density from the first bale to the last.

The increased density and bale format also means producers are able to load standard flatbed trailers and sea containers and reduce their need for specialized walking floor or dump trailers. Being able to find convenient back hauls results in a greater savings for logistics providers. 

Bale Anything

  • Corn Silage
  • Hemp
  • Cannabis
  • Crimped grain
  • Grass Silage
  • Energy crops
  • fruit pumace
  • Hay
  • Manure
  • Sugar Pulp
  • Wood wastes
  • Sawdust